We all face challenges with our indoor air quality, especially in a humid locale like Tampa. Not to send shivers down your timbers, but there are likely tons of noxious particles wafting about your vessel, from mold to pet dander. If you’re not steadfast in your efforts, you might find it a tough task to keep your air shipshape and pure. Many technicians will tell you that swapping out your home’s air filter can bolster your indoor air quality, and while that’s beneficial, it shouldn’t be your sole course of action.

Ordinary air filters can only weed out particles 1 micron in size or larger, accounting for about 2-3% of the particles circulating in your home’s atmosphere. That’s why we always recommend electronic air purifiers, which can be up to 98% effective at sifting through these minuscule particles. If you’d like to delve deeper into filtration methods, you can weigh anchor right here. But what about those persistent odors that can make your home feel less fresh, even after you’ve scrubbed your decks and holystoned your planks?

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