If you want to be on the cutting edge of the HVAC industry,
it’s time to consider installing your Tampa ductless mini-split.
Navigating the realm of heating and cooling systems, ductless systems are the compass guiding you through a sea of advantages. These systems employ the industry’s latest heat pump technology. In the heat of summer, your system removes the ‘warmth’ from the air within your home and circulates refreshing cool air, all season long.

When winter arrives, these systems withstand the cold weather utilizing the external air in the same manner to keep homes warm. The refrigerant then captures the air and the compressor compresses it, allowing the ductless mini-split to heat the air in your Tampa home.

However, unlike traditional air source heat pumps, ductless mini-splits bypass the need for air ducts to distribute the climate-controlled breeze throughout your home. For more information, click here to read our blog on what a ductless mini split is and how it works


Wall-mounted blowers are the starboard choice. These blowers are controlled independently, each with its own thermostat. Each outdoor unit can accommodate up to four blowers.

Tampa ductless mini-splits need the skilled hands of professionals to reach peak performance and efficiency levels. Ahoy! Cooling & Heating offers comprehensive ductless services to customers throughout the Tampa, FL area, including both single zone and multi zone whole home options!

We can do it all: from ductless mini-split installation to swapping out old parts in need of replacement, fixing any damages with expert repair, and providing your unit with regular maintenance. Call us today to learn more about embarking on your Tampa ductless mini-split journey!

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Tampa Ductless Air Conditioning Advantages

Ductless air conditioning systems are generally easier and faster to install for HVAC technicians compared to ducted cooling options. The air handler is a sleek and nimble device, capable of blending seamlessly with your home. The compressor can be separated from the air handler by as much as 50 feet, allowing you to keep your living quarters uncluttered and your comfort uncompromised.

There are several benefits that you start to enjoy once the system is installed:
  • Energy-efficient performance
  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • Features like directional airflow
  • Multi-zone cooling
Since there are no ducts for the cool air to escape, improved energy efficiency can reduce your monthly energy bill. With directional airflow at your command, you can direct the refreshing air exactly where you want it.

Once you’ve installed a mini-split AC in your home, you can easily establish two separate climate zones. The system is installed with its own thermostat, allowing you to set your desired temperature for each area.

The more control you have, the more temperature zones you can create, giving you the freedom to customize the climate according to each occupant’s comfort level.

Why Go Ductless?

Energy Efficiency

Using a ductless system can help homeowners improve energy efficiency, as leaky ductwork is one of the major sources of energy loss.

Small Spaces

These systems are a great option for homeowners who lack space for bulky ductwork, or for those looking to avoid the hassle of duct installation.


They also allow homeowners to set different temperatures in different areas of the house, as the blowers are controlled independently.

Ahoy! Cooling & Heating is an authority on Tampa ductless mini-split systems, and we have been trusted to install many ductless mini splits throughout Tampa, Temple Terrace, Davenport, and beyond. Further, we are considered a “diamond contractor” by Mitsubishi, our ductless partner. Diamond Contractors are recognized for their extensive experience installing Mitsubishi products, in addition to their outside training on the systems.

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We offer a number of special financing options for ductless systems, so call us today to set up your appointment!