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What if you could kill 99+% of the germs in a sneeze by the time it traveled three feet?

With the Reme Halo In-Duct Air Purifier, you can feel confident that your family is being protected from viruses, mold, VOCs, and other airborne bacteria circulating in your indoor air. This device has been proven 99.9% effective against the novel coronavirus… AKA it kills COVID-19 on-contact.

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Why REME Halo?
  • It kills up to 99% of bacteria, mold, and viruses in your indoor air. And just to remind you… your indoor air is 2-3 times more polluted than the air outside, no matter where you live.
  • It kills up to 99% of viruses on surfaces, so you can finally stop going crazy with Clorox wipes.
  • It cleans the air within your ENTIRE home, not just one room. This is because the device is installed within your AC system, so it impacts all of the air being circulated in your home. Devices like the Molekule can only impact the air in the room in which they’re placed.
  • Reduces airborne particulates like like dust, dander, pollen, and mold, which is great during allergy season.
  • The Reme Halo easily integrates into your existing ducted HVAC system. Your trusted AC company will install it and set a maintenance plan up with you to make sure it’s always working at its highest potential.
Reme Halo infographic

Why Choose Ahoy! Cooling & Heating?

We are offering the Reme Halo, complete with installation, for $980.

When you choose to have a Reme Halo installed by the World’s Smartest Technicians at Ahoy! Cooling & Heating, we’ll give you more than just an air purifier. We’ll also provide data in real-time to show you just how effective your new Reme Halo is.

How? We use an air quality meter called the Air Advice on all of our diagnostic calls. This meter can tell you exactly how contaminated your indoor air is. We will use the Air Advice before we install the Reme Halo, and then run a test after it’s installed to prove how effective it is!

We promise cleaner air, or your money back!

Need more reasons to trust the Reme Halo with your family’s health?

RGF Environmental Group, the creators of the Reme Halo, have done extensive testing to back up all of their claims. They tested the efficacy of their air purifier against a variety of viruses and bacterias, from mold and E. coli to H1N1 and MRSA. Across all strains and types, they proved a 99+% inactivation rate. So you don’t have to trust our word– you can trust the science, thanks to RGF!

We are offering the Reme Halo with installation for $1199 or just $7 a month.

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