The sweltering-hot and humid summers in Tampa, FL, mean that you need a high-performing air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable. The best way to ensure that your air conditioner will work properly throughout the summer is to schedule an annual maintenance visit. You can save money and enjoy peace of mind by signing up for our maintenance membership. Read on to learn about some of the benefits of joining our maintenance plan.

Save Money on Utility Bills

A well-maintained air conditioner could lower your summertime electricity bills by as much as 15%. Similarly, a properly functioning heating system also uses less energy to keep your home warm in the wintertime. Our maintenance plan includes two yearly inspections. In the spring, we’ll service your air conditioner. Each autumn, we’ll perform a tune-up of your heating system. These tune-ups include changing the air filter, flushing the condensate line, cleaning and lubricating the motor and fan, washing the indoor and outdoor coils and verifying the refrigerant level. We’ll also show you how to check and change the filter between tune-ups.

Priority Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

Many people forget to schedule their semi-annual heating and cooling tune-ups because they’re busy. Life often gets in the way of these tasks. We make it easy for you to schedule these essential maintenance visits. We’ll call you, or you can contact us to pick a day and time that works for you. Maintenance plan members get priority scheduling. We have early morning appointments as well as late afternoon appointments to work around your schedule. Our technicians call when they’re en route to your house, so you don’t have to wonder when they’ll arrive. A typical maintenance visit for a heating or cooling system takes 30 to 60 minutes.

Same-Day Emergency Repairs

Even with regular maintenance, it’s possible for an air conditioner, heat pump or furnace part to suddenly fail. Our maintenance plan members benefit from same-day repair services. We offer a 20% discount on heating and air conditioning repairs for our members. Our service call fee is just $39 for plan members, and we don’t charge any after-hours or overtime fees. You pay $39 for the service call no matter whether it’s a weekend, evening, holiday or regular business hours. We always have customer service agents ready to take your call for an urgent repair, and you won’t have to wait long for comfort to be restored to your home.

Prevent Heating and AC System Breakdowns

Keeping up with regular maintenance on your air conditioning and heating system reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns. For example, during each cooling cycle, warm air from your home passes over the cold evaporator coil. When the warm air comes into contact with the cold coil, moisture condenses out of the air. The humidity turns into liquid water. The droplets of water collect in the condensate drain, which leads to the pan and the condensate pipe. Over time, the condensate pipe can get clogged with mildew, algae and muck. If it becomes obstructed, the water could back up into the air handler and destroy it. Our maintenance visits include cleaning the condensate pipe so this doesn’t happen. Up to 95% of air conditioning and heating system breakdowns can be prevented with routine maintenance performed by skilled heating and air conditioning technicians.

Identify Worn Parts That Need to Be Replaced

During our springtime and autumn maintenance visits for your air conditioning and heating system, our technicians inspect every component. They look for signs of excess wear and tear. This gives us a chance to replace those worn parts before they fail. For example, the contactors in air conditioners and heat pumps start to wear out after about six to eight years of use. If they malfunction, they could deliver a surge of electricity that takes out the system’s motor. A failed motor is costly to replace. By replacing worn contactors before a failure, we save you money and prevent an unexpected system breakdown.

Ahoy! Cooling & Heating is Tampa’s trusted air conditioning maintenance company. We’re also available for heating maintenance and heating and air conditioning repair, replacement and installation services. Our indoor air quality services and ductless mini-split systems enhance your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. If you’re a Tampa area business owner, you can count on us for reliable commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning service. For more details about the benefits of our maintenance membership, contact us at Ahoy! Cooling & Heating today.

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