If you’re planning to install a brand new air conditioner in your Tampa, FL, home, you’re probably wondering how long this project will take. This is especially true if your current AC system is no longer working, and you have no reliable way to keep everyone comfortable and cool. Although many AC installation projects take between just four and eight hours to complete, certain factors could make your job a bit longer or shorter in duration.

AC Installation Starts With Air Conditioner Selection

It’s erroneous to assume that your new air conditioner should have the exact same size and specifications as your old one. Choosing a new AC isn’t as easy as targeting similar models at a reasonable price point. Your old air conditioner may have been sized incorrectly from the outset. You might have remote, unserviced, or under-serviced areas in your home that you now wish to address. For these and many other reasons, we start these projects by completing a Manual J calculation that accounts for factors like your ceiling height, window type, the current level of insulation, and more. Before your AC installation project even begins, we want to make sure that we’ve identified the best possible cooling unit for your home.

Priming the Building Exterior for Your AC Condenser

Air conditioners have both indoor and outdoor components. The condition of your outdoor area plays an important role in determining how long your AC installation will take. An air conditioner’s outside condenser must be positioned on a stable, level, and structurally sound concrete pad. If your current concrete pad is cracked, tilted, or otherwise unprepared for AC installation, this will need to be leveled or replaced first.

Do You Need New Ductwork or Ductwork Modifications?

A lot has changed in AC equipment design over the past 15 years. Air conditioners are far more efficient than they were 15 years ago. Many models are much larger and more powerful as well. Slight modifications may need to be made both inside and outside of your home to account for these changes. This is also true for HVAC ducting. Your HVAC air ducts could require retrofitting to effectively support your new equipment. If you haven’t changed your home’s air ducts in more than two decades, it might be best to replace them entirely.

Are You Zoning Your Home or Upgrading Your Thermostat?

AC replacement is an opportunity to make refinements in your HVAC system to better support the indoor air quality (IAQ) needs and efficiency requirements of your household. It’s also a chance to add in a whole-house humidifier or dehumidifier, an air scrubber, or another integrated HVAC accessory.

During this installation, you can incorporate bypass ducts, duct dampers, sensors, and multiple thermostats to achieve HVAC zoning. If you still have a standard thermostat as the control for your HVAC system, you can additionally upgrade to a smart or programmable model. These additions can slightly increase the amount of time that your entire project takes.

What to Expect When Having New Cooling Equipment Put In

To ensure continuity in your home’s cooling, it’s best to prepare for AC installation before your current air conditioner fails. This will give us plenty of time to determine the right air conditioner size, order your new model, and find out whether ductwork modifications are required. It will also give you a chance to decide which integrated accessories, thermostat improvements, or zoning capabilities you want to have incorporated into your cooling plan.

If the concrete pad that supports your outdoor AC condenser needs replacing, this should be taken care of several days in advance. This will give the new pad ample time to cure. It will also allow you to resolve any grading issues.

For most households, basic AC replacement won’t take much more than eight hours. When we show up for the job, we’ll take your old equipment out, clean up the installation area, and put your new equipment in. We’ll retrofit your ductwork as needed, turn your air conditioner on for a test run, and walk you through the process of using it.

Since 2010, we’ve been proudly serving residents of Tampa, Florida and the surrounding area. In addition to air conditioner and heater installation, maintenance, and repairs, we also provide ductless mini-splits, ductwork installation, and indoor air quality services. To find out more about having a new air conditioner installed or to schedule an appointment, contact Ahoy! Cooling & Heating now.

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