The team at Ahoy! Cooling & Heating appreciates the importance of keeping our customers informed through each phase of a heating repair. We welcome your questions because an informed customer can make confident decisions and enjoys peace of mind. The average customer may not ask enough questions after a heating repair has been completed, and we think that there are at least five important topics that you should broach with your heating technician the next time you schedule a repair.

What Were the Main Issues That Required Repair?

Your technician will have likely already explained the problem or problems after performing the inspection and diagnosis, but your tech will have an even more accurate assessment after the equipment has been cleaned and the repair completed. Ask to see images of the repair and to have the tech explain the repair and mention anything new that was discovered while fixing the system. Skilled technicians are good at explaining complex HVAC topics in simple language. Ask about where the problem originated — it could have been specific to the heater or to an ancillary component, such as an air handler — and learn about the problem within the context of your particular heating technology.

What Were the Fixes That Solved These Issues?

Before-and-after photos provide a customer with confidence that the work described was the work performed. But even if you have built trust with your HVAC company, it is a good idea to look at such photos and have an understanding of how your tech corrected the issues. Was this just a matter of wear and tear? Did a part fail prematurely or unexpectedly? Was there a part defect? Is the issue covered by your warranty or could it have been covered through some form of extended protection? It is also a good idea to get an estimate for how long you can expect the repairs to last.

Could I Have Avoided These Problems?

This may be the most important question you can ask. Some heating failures are due to natural wear and tear or a part defect and thus no fault of the homeowner. But many repairs are avoidable. If you have not been scheduling seasonal heating maintenance, then there is a good chance that your technician will attribute that to the eventual failure. Many homeowners do not realize that heating tune-ups often pay for themselves by lowering monthly costs and staving off major repairs. There are other missteps homeowners sometimes make as well, such as closing vents or not changing air filters, which can lead to a pressure imbalance and, thus, equipment that has to work harder.

What Steps Should I Take Moving Forward?

Once you understand the problem and why it happened, you will have a good idea of how to proceed. It also helps to ask your heating technician which precautions he or she recommends moving forward. We can provide you with some general advice, such as scheduling a tune-up next autumn prior to the start of the heating season, performing a cursory examination of your HVAC equipment each month, and checking your air filters monthly and swapping them out whenever they are visually dirty. Nevertheless, your tech can provide you with advice that is specific to your system and your home.

How Long Will My Heating System Last?

Whenever your heating system requires a repair, it is important to consider what that means for the long-term health of the system. If your system is less than 12 years old, then you want to determine why the problems are happening and what you can do to maximize the life of the system. If your heating system is 12 years old or older, then you may want to discuss replacement and consider whether that new equipment could actually save you money over the next dozen years or so.

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