Homeowners always ask us which brand of air conditioner is the best on the market. At one point or another, we’ve been a dealer for all of the top-tier AC brands since beginning in 2010. From Carrier and Lennox to Trane and Amana, all of these brands produce high-quality systems. We have chosen to partner with Amana for the last three years, and while we can confidently say that their equipment is excellent, our experience with Amana is why we continue to partner with them.

At the end of the day, most brands produce similar machines. In fact, all of these brands share the same compressors, fan motors, and essential moving pieces. A piece of equipment from Amana will perform similarly to a piece of equipment from any other top-tier brand, provided that they share the same tonnage and SEER rating. Of course, this is only true if the installation processes for both pieces of equipment are equally similar. The most important day in an air conditioner’s life is the day it gets installed, so it’s incredibly important to select a company with extensive installation experience and a commitment to serve customers through the life of the system. All this being said, when we choose brands to partner with, it’s important that we look beyond the equipment and focus on the external features, such as available warranties and customer support. We are a company driven by relationships, and we are excited to have finally found a brand that shares that same vision.

So Why Amana?

We have had an unparalleled experience with Amana, as well as our local distributor, Johnstone. Amana offers the best warranties and support in the business, without question. Not only does Amana offer Lifetime Limited warranties, but they also promise that you won’t spend any money on repairs for 10 years through their Asure Extended Service Plan. Selecting the right brand can be just as intimidating as choosing the right company for your air conditioning project. But when you choose Amana, you can feel confident in your investment. Combine their commitment to excellence with our signature guarantees, and you’ll feel completely covered and cared for.

We are lucky to have such a strong relationship with Johnstone Supply- The Ware Group, our local Amana distributor. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we are frequently in need of parts at a short notice. With our goal to become the best AC repair company in Tampa, Johnstone always ensures that we are equipped to take care of our customers as quickly as possible. This starts with our first phone call to Johnstone, which leaves us feeling like we’re talking to a friend instead of a vendor. After that, they work at warp speed to make sure that we get the parts we need to fulfill same-day service calls and next-day installations. Johnstone is always open for us after hours and on the weekends, which means that we can take care of our customers when their AC needs arise. We all know that our air conditioners like to break down on Fridays at 5PM… but when you call Air Express, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting cool (and staying cool) in no time. Further, Amana keeps the Tampa area fully equipped with multiple supply houses, which enables us get parts for our customers at a moment’s notice. Johnstone makes our jobs easier and more enjoyable, and for that, we’re grateful to have found them.

Amana recently built a 4.2 million square foot facility (see above) outside of Houston, Texas to house all of their manufacturing and logistics, which means that everything is produced here in the US. It is the largest building of its kind in the world. This building contributes to their exceptional efficiency and quality, as it reduces domestic shipping time and promotes synergy within the assembly process. This also means that any piece of equipment we install is brand new, ie. it hasn’t been sitting around in a warehouse for months collecting dust. Most systems that we install are less than 30 days old!

Obviously, we also believe in the equipment Amana manufactures. We are particularly excited to offer their inverter AC systems. These inverter systems contribute to Amana’s domination of the high-efficiency market for air conditioners. In fact, Amana has the largest market share by far for all high-efficiency systems 16 SEER and greater. You can read more about inverters, and why we love them, here!

As an air conditioning company in Tampa, we have to remember that we’re a customer, too. Further, it’s important that we partner only with companies that share our same vision. That vision is built upon the relationships we create, and it includes superior customer service, high-quality systems, and cutting-edge technology. We can confidently say that Amana believes in these same things, and we are proud to be a premier Amana dealer here in Tampa.

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