Tampa’s stormiest season is in full swing, which means that many more rainy days are in our future (womp womp). If you haven’t thought about the effect of rain on your air conditioner, it’s about time that you start.

Many customers ask us if it’s okay to run their air conditioning systems during a rainstorm. Think about it– your AC system is likely the most expensive and the most unprotected item you own. Plus, most electrical systems aren’t built to withstand any contact with water. So why wouldn’t you worry?

However, your AC system is (probably) doing just fine. Air conditioners are built to withstand all weather conditions, from the sun to snow to– yup– heavy rain. And since it never gets cold enough for snow in Tampa, you don’t have to worry about protecting your air conditioning system from any elements besides these pesky summer storms.

If you purchase an AC system through Air Express, you’ll receive a top-of-the-line Amana system, which is built to industry standards and is protected by extensive warranties, including lifetime replacement. Further, every air conditioning system we install in Tampa is put on a hurricane pad (or screwed into existing cement structures), which protects it from wind speeds of up to 140 MPH. This means that unless a Category 4+ hurricane is heading our way, you have no reason to worry about your system’s survival.

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However, not all Tampa air conditioning companies pull permits for their installation projects, which means that they might not install systems up to codes set by the county/city. If your system doesn’t seem secured to the ground, or if it doesn’t look right for any other reason, make sure to get a second opinion.

Should I Cover My Air Conditioning System?

We get it– air conditioners aren’t pretty. There are, however, many beautiful structures being built and promoted to “hide” your AC system, typically within a fenced enclosure. We cannot dissuade you enough from covering your AC system. Covering the top or sides of your air conditioner can make it harder for your system to “breathe,” which can cause it to break down. No amount of decoration is worth suffering in a hot home during a Florida summer! So leave your system alone, and spend the money on some nice surrounding shrubbery.

However, if your unit is underneath a tree that drops a lot of leaves and seeds, it might be a good idea to cover your unit. Just make sure to only one that encourages circulation and comes down the sides about 6 inches– this protects the air conditioner from debris without trapping moisture inside.

What About Flooding?

The effect of rain on air conditioning systems is only cause for concern if your home is prone to flooding. Much like an iPhone, your air conditioner will not survive if it is submerged in water. If your area is prone to flooding, make sure you’re working to drain your yard properly. If you’re looking to install a new Tampa air conditioner, it’s best to install it on high ground to prevent any potential issues down the road.

Air conditioners work to remove humidity from within your home, and humidity increases during rainstorms. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your air conditioning system is kept running, no matter how crazy it gets outside. If a hurricane is on its way, click here to read more about protecting your air conditioning system during severe weather.

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