Staying warm during Tampa winters doesn’t always feel affordable. However, by using these tips, it could cost a lot less. Ahoy! Cooling & Heating has been helping people save on their heating expenses for a long time. And, over the years, we’ve found a few tricks to make heating your home a lot less expensive.

Let the Sun in During the Daytime

First, you’ve got to take advantage of the natural heat from the sun. Even though it’s cold outside, the sun still delivers a lot of energy. Open up your curtains whenever it’s sunny out. That way, the light can get inside, heating up your home. Using the sun’s heat is totally free. Plus, sunlight feels great, too.

Properly Maintain Your Home’s Furnace

Too many homeowners forget to maintain their furnaces properly. Not only does this reduce its lifespan, but using it becomes more expensive also. Ahoy! Cooling & Heating offers professional furnace maintenance services built for any budget. You’ll spend a lot less staying warm with a well-maintained furnace.

Close Your Curtains During the Night

Don’t forget to close your curtains once the sun has set. Leaving them open allows cool air to penetrate through your windows. By using thermal curtains, you can save even more money. While it might not seem like it’d make a big difference, it’ll do more than you think.

Thermal curtains help to insulate your home. As a result, cool temperatures won’t impact your heating bills nearly as much.

Seal Leaks Around the Home

We’ve seen a lot of drafty homes over the years. Most of the time, a simple caulk gun could seal most of those drafts. During the winter, even a small draft could drastically raise your heating bills. Let a professional inspect your windows and doors. If you’ve got a basement, have them inspect it as well. Whenever they find a draft, get them to seal it up. A well-sealed home doesn’t take nearly as much energy to keep warm.

Install a New Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats do a lot more than just letting you adjust the temperature from your phone. They’ll also let you automate your home’s temperature. Usually, people aren’t home all day long. So, leaving the furnace on while you’re gone is just a waste of money. However, if you’ve got a smart thermostat, it’ll turn the furnace off automatically. That way, you won’t be wasting energy while you’re away. Then, it’ll turn on the furnace in time for you to get home. By the time you walk inside, your house will already be warm.

Swap Your Furnace for a Heat Pump

Ahoy! Cooling & Heating has been helping a ton of people switch from furnaces to heat pumps lately. These devices use a much more energy-efficient technology than your traditional furnace. In fact, they’ve been shown to cost up to 300% less to run. Sometimes, it makes sense to install a heat pump alongside your furnace. If you’re interested, we can help you decide what makes the most sense for your home.

Consider Getting a Tankless Water Heater

Heating up the air isn’t the only thing that costs a lot during the winter. You’ve also got to consider the water. Ahoy! Cooling & Heating has found tankless water heaters tend to save people quite a bit. These deliver hot water on demand, but they don’t have to keep it warm all day. So, they’ll use much less energy overall.

Add Some More Insulation to Your Attic

Everybody knows that warm air has a tendency to rise. However, not everybody thinks about insulating the attic. Even if you’ve got some insulation up there, it might not be enough. Insulating your attic could prevent heat from escaping through the roof. The more insulation you’ve got, the less heat will make it through the attic.

Reverse Your Fans Rotation

Typically, your ceiling fans rotate counterclockwise. This is great during the summer, but it’s not the best for winter. Reversing their rotation could actually help push warm air to the floor. That way, you’ll actually feel it.

Contact Us for More Information

Ahoy! Cooling & Heating would love to help you save money on your heating bills this winter. We’re also able to help you install, maintain and repair your furnace. We could even help you with your air conditioner while we’re at it. To learn more about how we can help you this winter, call us today.

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