Now that the weather is cooling down, the last thing you’re worried about is being too warm. However, the holiday season is upon us, which means that parties and celebrations are right around the corner. Whether you have a large family gathering planned or a simple Friendsgiving, it’s time to start planning for success. You wouldn’t want your Tampa AC system to give out on the day of your party… right? Read on for some tips and tricks straight from the World’s Smartest Technicians, so you can host your holiday party without breaking a sweat!

People = Heat

If you’ve read our other blog posts, you know that performing a heat-load calculation is incredibly important when selecting a new AC system for your home. This calculation is based on square footage, ceiling height, ideal temperature, and the amount of people living in the home, among other things. When you invite people over, whether it’s one or twenty, it has an effect on the overall heat load in your home. That’s because people are hot– about 98.6 degrees, to be exact! And the more people that gather in your space, the more heat is being emitted, meaning that your AC system has to work harder to achieve your ideal temperature.

If your system is healthy and being well-maintained, it will be able to handle random spikes in heat load. However, an unhealthy system could fail unexpectedly if too much is being asked of it. So…

Don’t Expect Greatness From Your AC System

This might sound silly, but it’s important. You shouldn’t expect your AC system to cool your home to 68 degrees with 20 people inside. This is especially true if you typically keep your home at 72. Resist the urge to turn the temperature down on your thermostat when more people come over. It will likely cause your system to work too hard and power off completely. And a completely dead AC system is WAY worse than a 72-degree home during a party!

Utilize Alternative Sources Of Cooling

If you have fans, turn them on when you have people over. It might cause your home to use more electricity, but you’re already saving money this month because of the incredibly pleasant weather. So splurge a bit and bump up the cooling with fans! They keep air moving, which is important if you have a lot of people gathered in one place.

Keep The Cooks Out Of The Kitchen

One of the warmest places in your home is your kitchen. Why? Because most of us are not raw chefs, so whenever we cook, we’re generating some amount of heat to make our food both edible and palatable. It’s pretty easy to see that cooking a turkey in a hot oven all day might add some heat to your home. But things only get hotter when you add in heat from your stovetop, as well as heat from all of the random people who gather in your kitchen throughout the day.

The key here is to remember that your home’s air conditioning system is only able to handle a certain heat load, as we’ve already discussed. So your kitchen will likely be a little warmer when you’re cooking a big feast, like Thanksgiving. Try not to overwhelm your space by cooking everything at once, and turn on any fans or ventilators that you have. In addition, steer people out of the kitchen when they’re looking for places to congregate. Bring cocktails, beverages, and appetizers to a different space in your home, so your guests can allow the kitchen be a place of cooking, not a place of socializing.

But What If It’s Already Hot?

Most of us are already used to living in warm weather year-round, so you probably have your own tips and tricks for staying cool. But just in case, remember that what you wear is incredibly important. If you know that your home gets a little warmer during family gatherings, don’t wear a turtleneck sweater on Thanksgiving Day. And whether you’re a guy or a girl, a couple spritzes of hydrating toner on your face when you’re hot can be incredibly refreshing. We recommend keeping a bottle handy on the day of a big event, so you can stay cool and calm no matter what unexpected surprises get thrown your way!

Here at Ahoy! Cooling & Heating, we want your holiday season to be as stress-free as possible. So avoid a potential breakdown, and schedule a preventative maintenance appointment today! This will give you peace of mind going into parties and celebrations, as you won’t have to worry about your air conditioner going out when you need it most. Schedule online below!

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