Opening a window in winter to let some cold air in while you sleep is a time-honored tradition. However, if your home is extremely warm, the cool air can harm your health and cost you more money in the end. Educate yourself on the right and wrong ways to regulate your home’s temperature at night.

If you sleep with a window open every night, you should be aware of the health risks it can lead to. For example, if the room temperature is too hot or cold, you may get sick.

Allergens can also fill your room at night and cause allergy symptoms. In addition, an open window invites mosquitoes or bugs to come into your room for the blood meal they need for survival. Noises from the street or neighboring houses may disrupt your sleep.

Opening a window can cause mold or dust to be blown into your house. Not only that, but it can also create a safety hazard for small children if it is high up or has no screens.

Why Sleep With Windows Open?

The logic behind the idea of sleeping with windows open is simple: You’ll use less air conditioning if you’re not trying to cool down your home all night long, and you can let in cooler air in the morning.

In theory, you could save money this way. However, there’s more to the idea than just opening a window and hoping for the best. Temperatures rise and fall during the night, and humidity during the night or early morning may leave you soaked in a puddle of sweat.

Your Climate Matters

Not every climate works well with this idea. For example, if your home has too much humidity, it’s better to run your AC at night to keep the moisture at bay. If your climate is very dry, you may need to be careful that your windows aren’t open during pollen season or when pollen counts are high.

If you would like to know a better way to regulate the temperature in your Richmond, TX home, contact us at Ahoy! Cooling & Heating. We can assess your situation and offer suggestions on how to help your home stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. We also offer AC/heating repair, installation, and maintenance services.

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